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The homeschooling journey is an experience like no other! The joy of being your child's primary teacher, and to instill in him/ her not only academic standards, but character training as well is a job well worth executing. At Classical Journeys our goal is to provide a well-balanced curriculum that makes your job easier. The user-friendly lessons, coupled with tutorial assistance and an in-house book store make it a convenient and proven choice for parents pursuing a Classical education.


The purpose of Classical Journeys curriculum is to develop in each individual student a Christian Worldview mindset that enables them to think critically about the world around them and to synthesize, interpret and critique relevant life issues and standards. Surrounding the students in unit studies, emphasizing logic and communication, both oral and written, Classical Journeys unlocks factual and philosophical truths that can be applied to defend their beliefs persuasively. This journey needs to be evaluated from a long term perspective with this question: What foundation do I need to provide today to strengthen my child's perspective on Christianity tomorrow. Classical Journeys provides the structure to help prepare each student to be successful church members and persuasive lifelong scholars.

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