Classical Journeys


~The Classical Model of Education~

Classical Journeys utilizes the Classical Model of Education. It is a proven and successful model of education that unifies the course materials in unit studies to provide the students the ability to understand how each subject interrelates. This presentation of materials emphasizes logic and communication skills, both written and oral, and empowers them with lifelong tools of learning. This thoughtful approach to education enhances their academic and spiritual knowledge and gives them avenues to not just rehearse material, but to apply it. The Classical Model of Education is realized in three stages known as the Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric stages.

Stage One: Early Elementary (K-4th grade)

The beginning stage of Classical Education places great emphasis on a strong and broad foundation in literature, language, history, geography, cultural literacy, critical thinking, and the fine arts. Teaching methodologies, such as the Charlotte Mason approach, incorporate narration, picture study, and nature sketching. The focus on mastery is easily accomplished by this age group due to their aptitude and ease in memorization.

Stage Two: Upper Elementary and Middle School (Grades 5-8)

As students transition from concrete thinking to the application of logic, it is not unusual for them to challenge authority and the tenets of the world around them. Students at this age are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills to mine for truth in God's word and creation and to enact proper rules of respectful communication and argumentation. The goal for this stage is to enhance oral and written communication and to add to their core knowledge topics to be evaluated in an intelligent and proper manner.

Stage Three: The High School Years (Grades 9-12)

This stage is appropriately named the Rhetoric stage because of its emphasis on developing excellent communication skills. Students will be challenged to write, read, debate and express their core knowledge convincingly. Vocabulary studies in Classical Languages such as Greek and Latin enhance this knowledge and prepare the student to master the ACT/SAT. The culmination of the three stages of the Classical Model of Education coupled with a Christian Worldview emphasis prepare the student for the challenges of a college education and the social pressures placed upon them. The diligent student will be sufficiently prepared for the rigors of collegiate academia and will acquire foundational doctrine to defend and apply their faith.

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